Until we meet again....thank you 17/12/17
  • Who?

    Exactly who are Grumpy PC Gamers, we are a community of people from all over the world who have one thing in common, we love PC gaming and we love playing games with other people, we are mainly a UK community but we have friends and members from all over Europe, America and Canada.


    The founders of this community came together with a common love of DayZ, we established the GameTracker world Top 10 server -  Grumpy PC Gamers, we have seen that community grow and grow.  We soon added our regular hugely popular public events such as "Cherno Lockdown" as well as hosting the popular private member Battle Royale type events.   

    With our love of all things gaming, we have branched and love playing other games such as GTAV, Rocket League, H1Z1 & Ark to name just a few.


    Our world top 10 DayZ server where every day is different in Chernaus:

    DayZ SA Server: Grumpy PC Gamers! - 123.456.789:1234


    Our dedicated community TeamSpeak server, drop in for a chat, a game, a question or even just to say hello.

    TeamSpeak3 Server: ts.grumpy-pc-gamers.com


    If you are looking for casual gaming, formal DayZ events, carving up the streets in Los Santos or just a laugh on TeamSpeak you have come to the right place, the admin team at Grumpy PC Gamers really care about our community, we hold weekly meetings that all members are welcome to whether you want to contribute or just listen in to see what's happening as we move the community forward.

    We are here for the long term, sure there is a facility to donate if you wish to keep the place running, but the admin team will never beg its members for money, to us your time & company is far more valuable than your money.


    Just jump on Team Speak any time and say hello, we love meeting new people.