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  1. Pavlovo # 2 Kills and order of Death

    the good old events shall be missed R.I.P
  2. DayZ Loot Hoarding

    that was so much gear rarely any spawned all gear we collected was from killing on main wtf?
  3. Next Day: Survival

    holy crap, so many new survival games coming out recently, and soon wondering what to go and buy
  4. crop growing

    some fresh ass plants bro!
  5. Next Day: Survival

  6. Want to Join an Event

    does that mean me and leon cant play the events
  7. Pavlovo # 2 Kills and order of Death

    anyone to reply to this
  8. Pavlovo # 2 Kills and order of Death

    will we keep the cups we have at the minute for ever?
  9. GORKA#1

    love the great feeling of being a champion
  10. NWA#7 Final Positions

    sad I was in Austria I couldent make the big event cant wait for Gorka hashtag 1!!!
  11. GORKA#1

    me and mr L boucing FTW!
  12. Slave Server Subs

    I have just done it, get me whitelisted quick please
  13. chilling in chernaraus

    Whats the most effiecent to use?
  14. chilling with the cr scoping bandits in the coastal lands! woohoo cant wait for the event at Gorka!!