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  1. Rocket League - Season 2

    This could be us!
  2. Rocket League - Season 2

    Hmmm, maybe. Just started to play it and like it. Is there a wooden spoon prize?
  3. Hello Grumps

    Thanks for all the kind welcome guys!
  4. Hello Grumps

    Hey there, my 'ingress' and fellow resistance mate Fremlin got me onto you guys. I`m 38 and been a gamer since chucky egg days on the bbc micro. I used to make music back in the day with some releases on various indy labels AFE records, Benbecula. I`m into anything really, just got Elite:Dangerous and since I played the original on the bbc it's been an amazing experience (just killed myself this morning by head butting an asteroid). Would like to get into Arma 3 but my rig needs an upgrade. Hope to get a headset soon and join in the fun. I used to run some gaming servers and ran the now defunct Glasgow DMN group on Steam, fun times. Currently working as a support worker and teach tablets, mobile phones to the visually impaired. Hook me up on steam if you wish "mouthmoth" is my usual handle on most platforms. Nice to meet you all.