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  1. PUBG - 'Full Momentum'

    Excellent video dude!
  2. Battlefield night?

    Been a while since I played and would love to get a big squad of us on one night. Any takers?
  3. Next Day: Survival

    You can let me know on this one. Saw a bit of it on stream the other day and thought it looked absolutely terrible lol
  4. BF1

  5. BF1

    I really enjoyed Battlefront actually
  6. Grumpy Platoon Recruitment - Wanna Join?

    I'll be up for this, but a word of warning, I'm terrible! Origin - Fremlindigital
  7. BF1

    Downloading now, I hate you all
  8. BF1

    I'm still undecided. So bloody expensive!
  9. Hey folks

    Welcome, sunny Scotland here too!
  10. The Reaper

  11. Just signed up to do a half marathon

    It's on the 2nd of October so need to get some training done quick!
  12. Why Hello There

    Welcome to the site. Maybe catch you on Miscreated sometime!
  13. NEW: Miscreated server

    Server is now ranked 6th