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    Play DayZ, helping to run Grumpys, Hill walking, Landscape photography, gardening, tropical fish keeping and listening to music. Musical tastes range from classical, blues, soul to reggae, rap and house. In my spare time I help to raise funding to run groups for physically and mentally disabled children and young adults with special needs.
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    I'm from YORKSHIRE! with nowt taken out

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  1. HEllo

  2. Bubbles

    Yep told you I was blowing bubbles
  3. Hello

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Hi

    Short n sweet, Welcome to the forum
  5. Hi to everyone

    Hi Andrew welcome to the grumpy forum
  6. Hi all

    Hi mate welcome to the forum
  7. Wotcha

    Hi Mate welcome to our Server and Forum.
  8. Hello Grumpies

    Hi mate welcome to the forum. Think you gotta go a lot further than that to escape the clutches of Mudders. Come onto Team speak some time there is usually someone playing Battlegrounds if not a squad or two.
  9. Server Crashes/ Persistance wipes

    A wipe happens when we get a new total update from Bohemia (i.e .62 coming soon) or we can do a server wipe if asked to by our server provider to improve performance. When a server persistence wipe is done by us it wipes all the bases and places all the vehicles and loot back to there spawn points. When Bohemia does a persistence wipe it does all of the above plus it wipes your present character . We try not to do a wipe unless asked for by our provider to help improve server performance. Hope this helps
  10. Hello to all,,,

    Welcome to the forum and server.
  11. Hello all

    Yo! Welcome to the forum. I see your two years older than me and I thought I was the only old git on the forum.
  12. Hacker in Stary Sobor

    Thank you for the information at last. I have now been able to check the right part of the thousands of log files and found your incident. I can see that he killed you twice, bogfan and evgen24rus all head shots with an AKS74U_Green. I will ban this guy but if he comes back to us and disputes your claim of hacking I will have to reinstate him due to the lack of video evidence. If he is a hacker he will probably not argue about being banned.
  13. I am Trojan, Gate Keeper of Sustinence

    You need to grow them and harvest them don't log out or leave them and expect them to still be there when you come back as they rot and despawn. You also need to use the insecticide spray on the ones that show greenfly or they will rot to.
  14. Hi People!

    Hi Mate welcome to the forum. Your best bet to get a reaction from the other members is to jump onto the TeamSpeak channel give an admin a poke for your member tag and join in with the guys. Most of us are playing Playerunknown Battlegrounds at the moment.