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    My interests would be music, gaming, movies/tv series and much more!
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    Well I am Luke but all of my friends call me Clark ( its my last name) I am 22 born in Ireland ( I DO NOT DRINK ). Alot of my family come from London and Essex me being born in Ireland myself I was living there for two years when I was young but we decided to move back. Currently a Sales Associate in TK Maxx and every now and then I work as a receptionist and cocktail makers for Yindees on weekends. The harsh reality of Retail ey? but hey I enjoy it and it pays the bills :)

    Very laid back kind of guy, maybe too laid back. I put my friends and family before myself as long as they are happy I am happy :).
    I guess I would call myself lazy in a way, I work and then I come home to play games, If I am not working I am gaming, but hey I enjoy it so it doesnt matter. I am very easily amused almost laugh or giggle at about anything you will see that on Teamspeak I am sure :).

    I have two cats Bubbles and Sooty, both names have meaning behind them I guess but that's another story all together lol. I really love all Animals though but I cannot deal with Spiders for the life of me,ever since I was a kid I just hated them.

    The most important things in my life really would be my family,friends and then everything I enjoy.
    I am not a hateful type of guy I mean I could never hold a grudge and I have never got into an argument with anyone that caused us not to be friends or stopped interaction, People are my life and I wouldn't even dream of hurting someone or putting them down I don't understand how people can be like that it is mind boggling.

    The one thing I do HATE and I mean this shit really bugs me, people that are racist really grinds my gears to be honest I just totally disagree with it and another thing I really do hate would be people who have a problem with Gay people. I mean I have three 3 members amongst my family and as long as they are happy with who they are that's all that matters, Neither do harm to anyone so why talk down on people with different outlooks on life?

    Anyway guys I hope you enjoy'd the read, I figured I spend a lot of my time with you guy's so why not get to know me ?:) I may add to this, I may not. Anytime you guys want a laugh, a conversation or someone just to game up with online, Call yo boy Clark :)

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