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  1. Next Day: Survival

    yea its not the best gfx gameplay has possibilities BUT need to get rid of the Russkies. At the moment they are mo focused on killing other players spoiling the game for the rest
  2. Next Day: Survival

    I found the game better on a low population server ie 4 player
  3. Next Day: Survival

    ok bought this not bad , downside is all the Russian want to do is kill and loot every one. All the english speaking guys try to help you . So you get some gear go off and get killed by either AI soldiers if you stray into their base area or the Russians kill you for what little you have even though they are geared up!
  4. Next Day: Survival

    looks ok any one playing this?
  5. HI

  6. Steam is down

    Yup currentlt down at the moment
  7. Hello guys

    welcome I play Miscreated but welcome any way
  8. Hello all

  9. Good morning all.

    welcome I play on the miscreated server my self
  10. any chance of adding this to the server trackers? There is no game trackers but it shows how many are on etc.
  11. HaslaMGK - Time to say HELLO!

    lol well welcome to the gang....
  12. HaslaMGK - Time to say HELLO!

    hi and welcome what Game Paul?