Pavlovo # 2 Kills and order of Death

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Pavlovo # 2

Event Positions

                                   Position                          Name                         Killed

                                        1st                               Jack                         Freak, Kent, Swozo
                                        2nd                              Swozo
      Self Disqualified           3rd                               Mono                       Mudders
Self Disqualified          4th                            Sp1inter                Andrie
                                        5th                               Kent
                                        6th                               Freak 
                                        7th                               Mudders                   Arron
                                        8th                               Arron
                                        9th                               Andrie                      Walter
                                        10th                               Walter


                                      Self Disqualified               Sp1inter                   Andrie
                                      Logged out                      PaNda
                                      Logged out                      sKinGy    


   Event Winners cup will only be given to the last player to survive, if there are no survivors then it is given to the last player to die.

If two players in a team survive then they will both receive an Event Winners cup, if both players in the team die but are deemed to be the winner in the logs the last team member to die of that team will receive the Event Winners cup only

We will only be giving out from now on one winners cup per event. This will be held by the winning player/team until the next same event is held then passed onto the new event winner.

NWA Events one cup
Gorka Event one cup
Starry Sobor one cup
Pavlovo Event one cup etc. 

To be handed to the new winner of that event only


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