Fremlin's Rust Deathmatch #1 | 21/01

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We will be having our first of many Deathmatch events on the new Rust server.  Thursday the 21st of January, hopefully starting at 9.  We have a purpose built deathmatch arena to host the event.  All gear will be provided so even if you haven't came to visit the server yet and you wish to take part, there's no need to gear up beforehand.


I plan to hold at least three matches (depending on time), and each match will have a slightly different challenge to it regarding weapons and armour.


Bring everyone you know, the more the merrier!

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I may have actually been on the server then without knowing about this. To be honest, it's not really my thing - the little time I get I like to spend crafting and building.

The reason for posting this is an apology if I have not been replying to in game text chat. This is due to the fact I use a Steam controller for rust and often don't have a keyboard to hand. My PC is setup in the living room and pretty much Steam controller only. I do sometimes have a keyboard to the side for texting on the sofa.

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